The Primary Elements Of A Bail Bond

Finding yourself under arrest will result in a trip to jail. The length of your jail stay will depend on the crime in question and other factors, including the bail amount. The bail is an amount set by the court, and it is something you must pay if you expect the jail to release you anytime soon. One method you can use to get out is a bail bond; here are the primary elements to understand about bail bonds.

It Is a Legal Agreement

One thing you might not comprehend about bail bonds is the legalities in it. When you are in jail, and the court provides a bail option, it is primarily a legal agreement they are offering you. This legal agreement is between you and the court, and it provides you with a way to settle your case outside of jail. It does not result in the court dropping the case, though. Courts offer bail bonds because the Constitution gives the right to defendants to have this option out of jail.

If you decide to wait in jail during your case, you will not have to sign this agreement. If you choose to get out sooner, though, you will have to sign it. Once you sign it, you agree to do what the court says.

It Requires Cash or Collateral

The second principle of a bail bond is money. You must pay to get out of jail; however, the amount varies. You can use cash if you can, or you can pay the bail in other ways. If you can pay cash for it, you will eliminate the need for third-party involvement in your case. Unfortunately, many people cannot afford these significant costs out of their pockets.

You Can Pay It Yourself or Hire a Company

If you cannot pay it on your own, you always have the option of hiring a company for help. The type of company you need is a bail bond agent. Bail bond agents provide the payment to the jail that you need for your release, but they also require a contract. If you use this service, you must the contract you sign with the agent you use.

Many people feel confused when it comes to bail bond services and how they work. If you feel this way but need a way out, contact a company that offers licensed bail bonds in your state.