4 Things You Need To Know About Video Banking

With the COVID-19 health situation sweeping our country, it is important to keep your distance from other people. One way to keep your distance from other people is to use video banking instead of heading to the bank and dealing with your transactions in person.

Thing #1: Video Banking Allows You to Interact with a Real Person

Video banking is not the same as using an ATM. With video banking, you are interacting with a real person.

When you use a video banking kiosk, you are connected with a real banker who is generally located in a centralized banking office. This office is set-up specifically for bankers who interact with customers via the video banking software.

The real banker you connect with will help guide your transaction. 

Thing #2: Video Banking Allows You to Access Most Bank Services

With video banking, as you are working and talking with a real bank teller, you will have access to most services you would have in person.

You can deposit checks or cash, showing the amount to the teller and placing the checks or cash into the video kiosk team. You can make loan payments and transfer money between accounts. You should be able to take care of most of your banking business with a video banking machine.

You can do all of this without having to go into the bank and interact with others when you are supposed to be practicing social distancing.

Thing #3: Video Banking Happens in Real-Time

Video banking happens in real-time, just like if you went into the bank and did your banking with a teller or if you went through the bank drive-through window. Your transactions are not going to be delayed; they are going to happen in real-time and will be posted to your account just as quickly as if you were banking in person.

Thing #4: Video Banking Hours Correspond with Business Hours

Finally, with video banking, you can access a banker during business hours. You can usually access a video banker earlier than you may be able to get into a regular bank. Most video banking machines run extended hours, such as 7 am-7 pm, although the hours can vary from one bank to the next.

Video banking is a great banking solution during the COVID-19 social distancing health crisis. With video banking, you can take care of most of your banking needs, with a real bank teller, without having to go into the bank.