3 Times To Treat Yourself To The Aid Of A Personal Banker

Most banking transactions can be done either online or with minimal help from whichever teller is assigned to that particular transaction. But there are also times when what you really need is a personal banker.

What is a personal banker? This employee of your banking institution helps customers — either business or individual — with more complex banking needs than simple deposits or casual questions. You would likely begin a relationship with a personal banker when they help you open an account. But their valuable assistance can help in many different situations during your time as a customer.

Here are three of these key moments when you should seek out your personal banker. 

1. When You Need New Products

Many tellers can help you select and start using new products, but their time and experience are limited. If you want to start using investment or savings tools like Certificates of Deposit, an IRA retirement account, or a Health Savings Account, the personal banker can take the time to explain all the details of these unfamiliar products so you make the best choice.

And if you don't even really know which products you need, a professional can help you figure it out. 

2. When You're Struggling With Management

Many bank customers experience times when they have difficulty managing their accounts. You may have had increasing overdrafts, returned checks, new account fees or penalties, or difficulty continuing to build your savings.

Rather than continue to struggle on your own, talk with a personal banker about how to get things back under control. They may suggest, for instance, automatic savings transfers, mobile app tools for account management, or electronic reminders.

3. When Your Financial Life Changes

Are you making or considering a major life change that will affect your finances? This could range from starting a business to starting a family, and it's a time when you should seek out all the help you can get. A personal banker can aid you in understanding how the change will affect your money, your account, and your needs. They can then direct you to steps you need to take and products that can help more. 

Many Americans struggle with various aspects of their financial life and management, but having an established relationship with a banking pro can help take the worry out of things. Learn more ways they can help by making an appointment with a personal banking service today.