What a Bail Bond Is and Why Courts Allow Them

If the police simply let you out of jail after an arrest without requiring any conditions, you may decide not to follow through with your criminal case. After all, what would you have to lose? Jails and courts know this, which is why they charge money to defendants who want pre-trial releases. The money they charge is called bail, and you can pay this money in several ways. Here are a few things to know about bail bonds, what they are, and why courts allow them. Read More 

Rising Debt Stress? Kickback On Summer Holidays With These Fast Loans

As the summer holidays begin, finances are tight for many people anxious to break free from confined workspaces. If you have accumulated higher debt than usual, you may be at a crossroads: hit the open road and travel or stay home and pay down bills.  Short-term payday loans can help you do both. Backed by your paycheck, payday lending provides an alternative to taking on long-term debt. New ways to borrow against your paycheck provide more options. Read More 

3 Times To Treat Yourself To The Aid Of A Personal Banker

Most banking transactions can be done either online or with minimal help from whichever teller is assigned to that particular transaction. But there are also times when what you really need is a personal banker. What is a personal banker? This employee of your banking institution helps customers — either business or individual — with more complex banking needs than simple deposits or casual questions. You would likely begin a relationship with a personal banker when they help you open an account. Read More 

Legal Pros, Are You Billing Time Correctly? How To Improve

For law practices, billable hours are the difference between making a profit and suffering a loss. This means that every legal professional — from the paralegal to the firm partner — should understand how to define billable hours and how to make the most of them. To help you increase your business income, here are a few key tips to remember about billable hours.  1. Understand the Definition. To bill for something appropriately, first, you must understand what it is. Read More 

Places to Apply for an Auto Loan

If you need to finance the purchase of a vehicle, there are several places where you might apply for an auto loan. Auto dealerships, banks, and credit unions all offer auto loans, and each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here's why you might apply for a loan at each one. Dealerships Provide Easy Access to Auto Loans Most car dealerships offer financing options, and a lot of their sales are financed in-house. Read More